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Breakroom Box: Monthly Spiritual & Self-Discovery Book Club

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The Breakroom Box Book Club

The Breakroom Box Book Club is a monthly subscription box designed for people who wish to deepen their spiritual life through the magical experience of reading a great book while connecting with like-minded others who value that same magic.  

Each box will include: 

  • One critically-acclaimed non-fiction title related to spirituality like: 
    • The Four Agreements
    • The Power of Now 
    • Radical Acceptance
  • One or two conscious reading-companion items like: 
    • Essential Oils/Candles
    • Journal/Diary
    • Tea/Coffee
    • Other spirituality-related items such as dream catchers, gem stones, jewelry, etc. 
  • One pocket-sized, personally crafted affirmation card which can be used for prayer, mantra, intention-setting or simply just as a motivational boost
  • Access to The Breakroom Box Book Club's secret Facebook group as well as digital content related to that month's book. Connect with your fellow members and discuss your reading experience!


"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion."

- Rumi, 13th-Century Poet & Sufi Mystic

I, Alexandra, solemnly swear to not send you a billion promotional emails and to never spam your inbox with a bunch of unnecessary clutter. 

In the rare occasion that you do hear from me, I promise that the information will be brief, relevant, and take less than 2 minutes to read. 

I know this is a big commitment for our budding new friendship, but you have my word.